Saturday, 22 October 2016

5 Home Furnishing Buying Tips That Will Ease Your Troubles

Admit it, we all love to shop. No matter what the occasion is, we love to grab our purses and shoes to walk out of our homes to make the most of ongoing sales and amazing deals. Great deals give every one of us goose-bumps and of course bragging rights that we show off in front of our less privileged friends and relative who missed out on those deals. 

Whether you are looking for bed linens, table cloths, mats or carpets, these hacks will surely help you out to find the best value in various deals. 

1    Rugs: When buying a rug, decide the mood you want to create in your room. Creating an image in your head will definitely narrow down the options while still providing you enough room to play with texture, designs, colors and shapes. Pick wool or polyester one over silk that will be light on your pocket while remaining high on style. 

2   Pillow Covers: You can transform neutral room from drab to fabulous with the mere addition of pillow covers in vibrant shades and contrasting designs. After keeping the interiors of your room in your mind, pick accent colors that will highlight the good features.

        Bolster Pillows: Go for bolster pillows if you want to create a fusion of contemporary and traditional ambience. They look elegant, classy and make space appear sophisticated

4     Bed Linens: Nothing can beat the experience of sleeping in luscious linen made with fine fabric. But the reality behind their soft fabric isn`t associated with the thread count.  It’s all about the weave technique and better cotton. 

       Table Linen: It`s better to measure the dimensions of your dining table before buya tablecloth online or offline for it, as it will minimize the risk factor of getting something which ends up being shorter in length. 

Keep these few simple tips in mind before heading out to the nearby store that offers great offers, as it will surely help you to shop in a better way.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Get Ready For A Lovely Home As The Sale Goes Bigger This Diwali!

diwali sale

As the Diwali is around the corner, we all are gearing up to make our home extravagantly stylish and comfortable. No matter in which city or country, this festival brings sudden joy and happiness in our lives as we get to meet our loved ones and friends together. So why not make your home an inviting place not only for your family but also for all your well wishers and guests who are going to arrive to share your happiness this festival season. You can transform the look of your interiors by strikingly designed beautiful furnishing products. 

Make your living an epitome of luxurious enclave by placing cushions in luscious covers that blends effortlessly with the interiors. Brighten up your dull couch or sofa with amazingly designed cushion cover that will bring freshness into your ambience making it ideal for celebrations. The whole new aura will make uplift your festive spirits to all new level. From traditional motif work to modish geometric patterns, you can find almost every kind pattern of your choice.

Your bedroom also needs some attention during festival time. Your guest room should be inviting enough for your family members to jump in happiness. Give your room a vibrant and fresh change with beautiful bed sheets that will steal everyone`s heart. The dazzling colors and incredible pattern will lend an elegant appeal. A set of pillow covers will add up the charm. With soft and smooth fabric make this festival even more special with cherished moments. 

Window can be the center of attraction if treated properly. Upgrade your existing collection of drapes by choosing veils for your windows in bright hues. From cotton to jacquard, all kinds of fabrics are available. Floral prints, geometric prints, traditional structures, modish patterns and contemporary styles are all waiting to be explored. 

Lift up the ambience with titillating products at amazing prices. As the sale goes bigger you can make the most of it as Swayam offers its customers a delightful gift this Diwali by offering 15% Flat Off on all products. You can avail the offer by using coupon code-DWL15 and also can enjoy 18% off by using the coupon code -DWL18 above 5000 on shopping. Not just that you can surely get an amazing free gift on shopping above 10000.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Get your Table Linens Ready for Thanksgiving

It’s that time of a year in which we think about setting a lovely holiday party table for thanksgiving and the summer holidays.

Buy Printed Round Table Linen online

This is a bit worrying that when you are busy in doing the party preparations and forgot to arrange for the table linens just before the night of the thanksgiving. So you need to start your preparations by choosing the party table coverings.

Take care of all the table accessories, if they are enough for all of your expected guests. If you need the table coverings then read these tips about what type of fabric to choose:


The household items like tablecloths and sheets are called linens because these are the preferred natural fiber for centuries. A plant fiber like cotton and the specialty of the linen is that they can be handed over to the generations with proper care. They have the higher sheen than cotton thus they are perfect for the formal holiday table setting. But when you wash them they show the wrinkles.


They are very durable and washable. And the quality of the pure 100% cotton round tablecloths and napkins are soft and absorbent. They are perfect for the everyday use. Cotton is considered to be the too casual for a forma table. They also need ironing if you want them to give a wrinkle free look.

Cotton Polyester Blend

The table linens in poly blend combine the soft and absorbent properties of cotton but they have the added advantage is that they have fewer wrinkles as compared to the cotton. 


These types of synthetic coverings may seem easy to care, but after washing they show wear and piling much sooner than cottons and blends. They are harder to wash if you want to remove the stains.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Get Chic Totes At Home in Just 5 steps

Other day when I was coming back from grocery store, the man behind the billing counter gave me a dirty look after looking at my overused bag, which made me realize that it is high time to change my bag. Tote bags come in handy for a lot of reasons. From bringing in the groceries, carrying notebooks, extra stuff, can be used as a diaper bags also, sometimes, if you are a new mother, you will know the importance of totes. The can help us in a lot of creative ways to de-clutter our lives. 

online shopping bags
But as we all know that it is just not practically possible to buy a new bag every week, making one from DIY hacks is achievable. So why not try and learn some new snazzy ways to make ones yourself? 

1. You can begin by choosing a fabric which could be cotton, canvas, upholstery fabrics or any other thick fabric which is of good quality. 

2. You can cut the fabric about the length and breadth of how large or small you would like your tote to be. Now prep your pocket. Cut a piece after measuring and deciding on how big you want your compartment or what exactly would you like to keep there. 

3. Now pin the pocket either inside or outside the bag according to your choice. Sew the edges that are on the outside of the pocket. 

4. Sew down both the sides of the bag or if you have cut two separate rectangles, from the bottom sew down one side and back up the other one. Iron the top edge and hem the top of the tote, then sew it in place. 

5. Final stage is to add straps. You can use twill tape or cotton webbing as it is convenient and looks cute and sew them on to bag, and you are done. If you follow the abode written instructions carefully, you will get an adorable bag that will earn you admiring sighs and not disdain looks.

You can buy online shopping bags that are looks damn good and attractive and adorned your personality.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

How to Save Money By Taking Proper Care Of Table Cloths

If you are expecting guests or a weekend party is just approaching, how to prepare your dining table must be the problem right now. The tablecloth that you bought last weekend bears stains and has lost its color from so many places that you can’t tell its original color. So the only solution to the problem is buying a new one. But is that the practical solution?
table cloth online india

If cared properly, the problem would not exist. Taking proper care of these linens is as important as buying them. If taken proper care they can lasts for years to come. You can choose various fabrics according to the nature of your occasion. 

Along with using beautiful table linens, come stubborn stains. Here are a few quick tips on treating the most common stains on table linens.

1. Red wine: Soak or sponge the stain using cold water. With the help of stain remover or liquid laundry detergent wash it.

2. Gravy: Use a product that contains enzymes to pre-treat the stains. Soak for 15-30 minutes if the stain is dry. Launder as usual and dry them only after the stain is completely wiped off.

3. Butter: Use hot water and pre-treat the stain using either liquid detergent or stain remover.

4. Candle wax: Use a dull knife and scrape off the wax. If it remains, place your cloth between white paper towels and press with warm iron. Replace paper towels after it absorbs the wax.

Never use bleach on table cloth as it will fade that original color of the plain tablecloths or will turn it yellow if the color of the linen is white. These linens are perfect accessory when it comes to decorating your dining table as they can accentuate the event with their never ending grace and charm.

Now , you have best option to buy dining table cover online that avoids roaming here and there as well as save the time.