Friday, 19 May 2017

Experience Sweet dreams with Swayam Bed Sheets

Undrape the old-fashioned bed sheets as designer bed sheets are online in India. They will bring a remarkable change to your home as it is designed with elegant fusions of colors and has a classy print.  

To give a superior look to your living space use urban-ethnic patterned bed covers which will give the touch of modernity as it is a combination of Indian designs with a western pattern. It will give your home a stylish and graceful appearance without losing the forte of a traditions themes and designs.

Print such as floral, tribal and ethnic motifs will give a new makeover to your bedroom as the print is blended with colors very properly. 

Always give an inviting look to your bedroom by combining the theme and colors of your room with the bed sheets like if the room reflects a soothing ambiance with light shades then blend it with dark shade and if the room is dark and shady then blend it with a light shade to give a contrasting appearance.

You can get these cotton double bed sheets online in India in a wide range of prints and designs which you can choose to coordinate with your home décor. They are made with premium grade cotton which allows you to drape your bed effortlessly. You will no longer have to put an effort in maintaining the creases and tucking it under the mattress as they offer a seamless bed surface.

There are many reasons to take these sheets home but the most important reason is that it offers you a quality rest and gives out a luxurious feel every time. The softness and comfort level of these bed sheets will increase after every wash. Get these bed sheets online from and experience sweet dreams every night.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Remodel Your Living Space With Printed Cushion Covers

Cushions are necessary for every home and every room. It is not just about making your space beautiful but it is also about living in comfort. You can also bring a beautiful change in your space by covering your cushions with these perfectly designed covers.

Play with funky style cushion covers adorned with cartoon characters splashing straight out of comic book and kitten theme digital prints which add a youthful vibe to your little ones’ rooms. The teen’s room can also be remodeled with youthful prints designed in themes such as friendship, fairytale romance, sports, and other enthusiastic designs. Also, the cushion covers in prints involving floral, stripes, ethnic patterns are designed in rich dynamic color to help you lift the spirit of the room. Go with the timeless trend and adopt digitally printed cushion covers in Jaipur-inspired patterns, floral themes, and ethnic design.

Printed stripes on light tones and ethnic patterns on square colorful blocks reflect a slice of spunk to your personality. Go ethnic with foil prints on bright Indian pinks and other numerous shades to help reflect the traditional version of your persona.

Add color to your bedding with attractive designs in floral, attractive geometric and ethnic patterns. Add those royal bolsters along with your cushion to give a typical ethnic look. These cushion covers are available in a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns to match your every need.

The printed cushion covers are made of 100% cotton fabric which makes them even more desirable. The soft texture will give a relaxing experience and soothing feel to your skin. Also, they are easy to clean as they do not show any signs of color fades or damage to texture.

The designer cushion cover collection is available at discount price at so hurry up and let your beds impart a magical appearance.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Freshen Up Your Home with Cushion Covers

Remember in the late 90’s when bed linens and cushion covers all had the similar retro look. Those days, homemakers did not have much choice in home furnishing but now you can put a lot of things for your home décor. 

So theme the interiors with the individual choices of your family members and let each room reflect a unique personality. The quickest and easiest way to personalize your interiors is by accessorizing your décor with cushions. You can avail a wide range of cushion covers online by which you can theme each room in perfection. 

 Go lively and peppy with funky prints or you can choose classic designs for a luxurious look. Style your little one’s room with cartoons, fairytale, teddy creations splashed all across on the baby cushions. 

For your bedroom, you can bring in a rich romantic feeling with floral patterns and intriguing colors. You can enhance the look of your bed by placing matching cushions on it. Your living room can be given a luxurious appeal or you can give a contemporary look with colorful prints and patterns. Even your kids would like to decorate their room, so you can suggest them to choose from a wide range of teen and kids’ cushion covers. 

As a young adult, you may desire to style your own space and to gain that peppy look, flaunt it with creative prints and realistic designs on rich colors, or bring home cushions with bright colors and artistic designs. As a homemaker, you always want to keep your home fresh and trendy. With these cushion covers, you can give a fresh look to your space in an instant. You can theme your space with any concept and enhance every room. 

So to help you re-plan your home décor and to suit the style of kids, teens, homemakers, is offering you best set of cushion covers online.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Create The Dining Room Of Your Dreams

Don`t let your dining table sit forgotten until the next birthday party of your kid. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, a holiday lunch or gathering around the table just for a fortnight, your dining table is something where people come together. It’s a place which promotes reunion and togetherness. It encourages you to use your creativity and showcase your signature style. 

There are so many ways through which you can give your dining table a stunning appearance. In early times the only way to decorate a dinner table was using a tablecloth. But these days with home interior trends making so many advancements, there are many items through which you can accentuate the look of your dinner table. Not for just parties, but also for everyday use. 

One of these new trends that are breaking to ancient tradition of covering the whole surface of the table is Runners. A table runner is similar to table linen but with narrow width. It does not cover the whole table but only the middle section. Pick a table runner in yellow shade and it will shine like a happy sunrise inside your home. 

If you desire a more polished look, you can combine table cloth and runner to give your table exclusivity. Pick a printed tablecloth and place a runner in plain shade which is dominant in the table linen. A plain colored table cloth will break the monotony of printed table linen, thus producing a cohesive look. You can also place dinner napkins in either matching or contrasting shades. 

If it is a formal dinner, you can also skip tablecloth and use runners instead. Place candle stands and your dinnerware in the center. This will make your runner and items arranged on it the focal point. Your guests will be amazed and relieved to find something different from regular setting.  

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How To Decorate Homes With Colorful Cushion Covers?

Bright linens can make your home look beautiful but only if you place them in the right order. Your cushion covers also works the same way. Unless you keep them in the right place with proper coordination of colors and prints, buying expensive cushion covers is of no use. You have to have some basic knowledge in interior designing before you start organizing your home.

Some homemakers find it difficult to decorate their homes with colorful cushion covers as they don’t seem to blend with the home décor. There are a lot of tips and tricks which you can use to decorate your home. Here are some of the few points you can apply in your home décor.

Colorful cushion covers are an urban trend as it gives a modern and new look. You can easily enhance your beds, diwan or sofa with these cushions but first of all you need to create a modern theme in your home. You can use colorful bed linen, artistically printed diwan sets or fancy soft covers. The vibrant colors of the cushion covers should harmonize with your home and offer a fresh and lively appearance. You can avail these cushion covers online in a wide range of prints, designs and shapes.

You can use cushion covers printed with colorful stripes to highlight your furniture. You can use solid colored cushion covers to match with the sheet or linen. Digital cushion covers to bring some elegance and sophistication in your space. You can completely transform your home with colors.
If you are buy colorful cushion covers, choose with different prints as they can bring some variations in your space and you will never feel bored of looking at it. Colorful bed sheets with text printed on them is also a good idea for kid’s and teen’s bedroom. If you have the desire to decorate your home with color you should definitely buy cushion covers online from