Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Are You Ready For The Big Republic Day Sale On Swayam

Swayam is back with a bang with its Republic day sale that too before two weeks from the great patriotic day. The online shopping festival is ready to make its mark among its loyal customers with heavy discounts and really attractive deals. With great discounts almost on everything under the sun from bed sheets to pillow cases, cushion covers to comforters, duvets to wedding bed set, bath linens, table linens, kid`s accessories and bags in stunning color schemes. 

While the sale is going to last from 17th to 31st January, here is a list of things you can look for to make the most of the ultimate loot at its e-commerce website. If you are looking eagerly to want to make some changes in your home, there are so many home décor products that you can use to accentuate your interiors. 

Table linens- With a wide range of collections, this category can give you a window for creative looking dinner tables. You can explore rectangular as well as round table covers for your dining table. There are also various sets of mats and napkins that are made from fine cotton fabric and are completely soft on skin. The category also has table runners that are a huge fad amidst discerning homemakers these days. 

Bed Linen- Customized to suit the décor of your home, each product follows a different design sensibility. You can pick up a design that is pop-art inspired or if you want to create surreal surroundings, you can choose contemporary designs. Enriched with sophisticated style and classic patterns, these linens can be compatible with gamut of home décor settings. They come in bright and voguish prints to inspire your senses. 

Curtains- Give your windows a magnificent touch of crazy perfection. Curated with impeccable prints, part of the collection design features motifs to lend you a unique style. These drapes will definitely brighten up your interiors. Bold colors and interpretation of Indian patterns dominate the products, to give every Indian home a personal touch. 

With flat 15% off all over the entire range, you can get more than you can bargain for. Not only that, this Republic Day, they are offering additional 3% discount. Use Coupon Code – REP68 to avail the additional discount. The offer is valid from 17th to 31st January, 2017. Celebrate the 68th Republic day with your head held high and a brand new home.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Out With The Old, In With The New

Dig out for the best looking home décor items to give a fresh new spin to your boring room interiors with massive discounts! Why wait for another moment to revamp your home interiors when the Swayam is all celebrating the New Year with great deals and generous discounts. Now you can give your home an interesting makeover without burning a hole into your pocket. 

With no window treatments, plain white walls and neutral and bland furnishing, the room feels a bit stark. Add great details to every inch of your space by picking the products wisely. Create a more intimate atmosphere by painting your living room in fresh and bright colors like lime green, yellow, tangerine and pistachio. These shades will not only make your abode look like living heaven but will also gives you a refreshing perspective. 

Give your old couch something to cheer about. Make you’re old and worn out sofas stunning with cushion covers in fascinating prints. With prodigious designs and unbelievable combination of colors, surprise yourself by giving your home a benevolent appeal. You can have a surprisingly, more appealing living room without having to change your existing setting. All you need to do is add some spunk to your existing interiors. Adding brightly colored and delightfully colored throw pillows to the neutral couch injects instant personality. 

Add oodles of charm to your dinner table with beautiful table linens. Welcome your guests and present the best example of hospitality by giving them a pleasant sight on dining table. Enliven your space with freshly curated linens in vivid designs. Place dinner napkins and runners on the table in large pattern and bold prints to create an interesting statement. Create your dream living space and get home décor products at immensely affordable rates. 

As the Swayam is offering flat 15% off on its entire range of offbeat collection, you can pick that favorite cushion covers and bed linens that you have been eyeing for since long. The celebration does not end here, you can get additional 3% discount to make your Lori all the more enjoyable. For that all you have to do is, use the Coupon Code- LOHRI3. As the offer is valid till January, 17, 2017, it is time to pull up your socks and get ready for the sale.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Kid’s Laundry Bags – That changed my life

Here, I am going to discuss with you about how the kid’s laundry bags can change your life and can bring positive impact on your life. Especially when you plan for a trip and if you have little babies with you then the biggest problem that arises before you is how to deal with the messy clothes of your kids. 

You cannot put them in your luggage bags as it will not be appropriate and make the clean clothes dirty too. You must be needed something in which you can put your dirty clothes and you can manage well. Here, we are suggesting you a lovely looking kid’slaundry bags that can be the best-needed solution for all your problems. 

You can also take few tips that can help you in reducing the collection of the dirty kid’s clothes:
Firstly, when you go on a trip it is important that you pack light for your kid’s bags. A few things tricks we’ve found work well for North American country here embrace solely taking the correct quantity of diapers and wipes with North American country for simply the day of travel, however buying the remainder of our diapers after we arrive (and exploitation all up besides the quantity you wish for your travel day back home, before you allow.) 

Another huge one is taking versatile wear, things that may pack tiny, and may be worn some completely different times, some alternative ways. Shoes tend to be a giant one here! if you'll notice one try that employment for many varieties of occasions, and you wear them throughout your day of travel, that may be one in every of the most important packing saves.
And obviously, for the dirty clothes, you can choose the kid’s laundry bags that come in the unique designs and the color shades with the abstract floral patterns.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

3 Different Types Of Curtains That Can Make Your Room Appear Elegant!

Every home has a window which lets the fresh air in making the room interiors rejuvenating. During summer, it blocks the sunlight and helps to keep the room temperature in moderate condition. Not only because of their functionality, but also because of their capability to transform any room is what makes them popular and unique.

The market is full of various types of window treatments and in the gamut of choices which you can select for your room according to your prints. Prints like floral and geometric shapes can alter the entire look of your room in the most alluring away. When it comes to nail the perfect look there are so many options of colors, fabrics, and patterns which can be quite overwhelming. 

Eyelet curtains- These type of veils are perfect for light to medium weight fabrics. They consist of silver rings at the header which makes it convenient for a person to mount them on a rod. The veils hang easily complementing the entire home décor. 

Sheer Curtains- If your room does not receive the direct sunlight then these kinds of curtains are the ideal ones for you. The fabric is translucent and it brings brightness to any type of window. They minimize the visibility while still allowing the light to let in.

Hanging Curtains- Different veils require different hanging needs. Drapes with loops, rings or tabs need to hang on a curtain rod. Curtains that are longer than the window, they pool on the ground. To achieve a formal and grand look, they need to be hanging properly otherwise, they will create a messy and unfinished look. 

So choose whatever suits your need according to the taste and preferences. They can change any room into an elegant space effortlessly.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

With Amazing Offers, Spice Up Your Interiors!

As temperature outside drops, so does our prices on everything you need to make your abode warm and cozy. With winters knocking at the door, bring all the focus to your home décor. Give your home a special treatment and transform it into a flamboyant space with exclusive range of home décor products.

Create a cozy gathering spot for winter entertainment in the center of the room by giving a spin to your existing room interiors. Color your interiors with happy shades and avoid winter blues. Infuse the pop of colors in the form of cushion covers and pillow cases to add some cheery vibes in the ambience. You can also pick some patterned pillow cases in neon shades as they will do the trick and will ensure that you get an attractive looking elegant space. 

Get more bangs by trying your hands on intricately designed bed linens and curtains. Your windows do not need to look as cold and stark as the weather outside. Brightly colored duvets, comforters and double bed sheets can make a lot of difference inside your home with their surreal beauty. These sheets will last into the spring and summer, so you enjoy double whammy with durable products. 

With shorter days, it`s time to maximize the beauty of your home décor. The ongoing sale and heavy discounts on all the categories give you plenty of choices to enhance the appeal of your house. Spruce up your interiors with Flat 15% off on everything! Upgrade your lifestyle with additional 3% discount by using COUPON CODE- HNY3. Do not miss the sale as the offer is valid only till 6th Jan, 2017!