Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Transform the look of Your Home with Stylish Home Décor

Every house looks good when it is decorated properly by keeping all the attribute of home décor in mind. Nothing looks more fancy and inviting then a bedroom that is properly made with crisp sheets and pillows in contrasting colors. An ambience of festivity will keep surrounding you with floral tones and multiple colors. 

There are many accessories that can contribute to make a bedroom look attractive. For instance your bed sheet along with a matching duvet or comforter can modify the entire look of your room. So let`s discuss all the other factors that can alter your interiors in the most simple way. 

Bed linens- The basic and most vital part of the soft furnishing is a bed sheet. This forms the foundation of comfortable bedding, after mattress of course. A bed linen can provide you with most elegant way of draping your mattress. They come in exotic prints and designs based on different themes. They come in different fabrics like cotton, linen, satin and silk. You can make your space look spacious and bright with the selection of right kind of sheets.

Pillow Covers- What saucer is to cup, pillows are to bed sheets. No bed is complete without pillows or cushions. A staid setting can simply transform into something super stunning with resplendent reds, refreshing greens, cool blues, citrusy tangerine, sun-kissed yellows and neon pink and marmalade-like orange.  These bright hues will pull together the decorative elements of your bedroom with a splendid and vibrant. Bring peppy shades to your home in this season of colors and create an ambience of exuberance. You can find pillow covers online for your room. 

Duvets- Last but not the least, your bedding set will be considered incomplete without a plush duvet. A fine quality of duvet would allow you to snuggle inside it. It will keep you warm and cozy with its filling. Not only will it protect you from cold but also accent the interiors of your room with their beautiful appearance. 

So wait no more and change on of the mentioned above attributes to brighten up your room as you can buy pillow covers online along with bed sheets and curtains.

Friday, 24 March 2017

4 Types of Bags to Give Stylish College Life

With the commencement of whole new semester, many of us must be jumping with excitement to join our dream college. New friends, new books, new clothes and whole lot of new experience are waiting to embrace us. Some girls must have started to stack trendy clothes and bags to get their first impression right. 

Apart from the clothes, there is one more thing which is essential throughout our college life -- our college bag. Although there are so many options in the market available, having knowledge about their different shape and sizes are extremely important. If you want your peer group to look at you as a diva, then you must be aware of the option that will best fit you. Go through this short list, it will surely make your life easier. 

1.       Backpack- Heard about it lot of times but feel like they are not fashionable enough? Well worry not; you will be amazed to know that these backpacks have gone under a huge transformation just to suit the needs of stylish girls like you. These bags come in printed patterns with multiple pocket and unique zipper compartments. So now you can carry them as fashion statement without any doubt.

2.       Bucket Bag- This type of bag has become popular amidst young girls. They come with roomy interiors along with a handle to carry it. With a stylish opening and inside compartments, they can accessorize any dress. You can also buy college bags online at discounted rates.

3.       Tote- These kinds of bags are large in size and very spacious. These bags are ideal for those who like to carry their world along with them. They look stylish and utterly smart. You can also go on shopping as they can accommodate all your stuff easily.

4.       Sling – Adorned with adjustable strap, this bag comes in geometric shapes. They come in both large and small sizes. You can pick the size according to your need and preferences.
Pick your favorite one or grab all of them, all of the above mentioned styles are comfortable to carry and will give you a trendy and chic look, everyday. So make a great impression and look gorgeous with college bags that are available online.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

4 Colors That Will Make Your Heart Go Swoon over Your Space

Windows in our rooms are not only meant to let the fresh air in, but also to give our space a decorative appeal. They can brighten up the room interiors with natural light as well as with the kind of curtains that you select to adorn them with. A curtain plays a very significant role when it comes to decorating and providing privacy to a room. 

Most of the people treat them as an accessory but they can prove to be more beneficial if used properly. Their patterns and prints can give a spectacular appeal to the interiors. Their correct length can make a room look taller or shorter. You will be surprised, how much they influence the ambience of any room.

Bright colored veils are better options for summer as they reflect and transfer the natural sunlight and lend a room a breezy look. To save your precious time and efforts, we have come up with some great ideas and colors of the curtains that can enhance the look of your windows and your living spaces. 

  • Bright Orange- The name itself evokes a cheerful feeling and an attractive image in our minds. Although the color itself is vibrant enough to brighten up the room, it provides a lot of natural sunlight. The refreshing color reflects positive and breezy energy in the room.

  • Cool Blue- Those who get sunlight in abundance, can opt blue for a trendy look. The cool blue spread a serene and calm look inside the room which adds a super chic element and provide the room a stylish appeal.
  • Chic Pink- If your interiors are drenched in monochromatic look, you can give a hint of some pop color with the shade Pink. Pink will not only give a feminine touch to your room interiors but will also break the monotony of the room.

  • Printed Pattern- If you are missing that lively ambience in your room, printed curtains can surely help you out. Pick curtains that have vibrant prints in bright hues to match up with your room interiors.
The above colors will surely give your room interiors an elegant appeal. Pick these cheerful colors that will give you and your family members a pleasant abode to stay. You can get amazing designs and patterns at discounted price from www.swayamindia.com ! Swayam offers flat 15% off on all home furnishing products and also gives extra 5% discount with the use of coupon code: SPRING .

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

3 Tips For Choosing The Right Investment Bag

Everybody is obsessed with something. We all have obsessions, yeah it may sound crazy, but that is the fact. Some are obsessed with books, some with clothes, some with movies and some with bags. Yup, I fall in the last category. I am crazy about handbags and purses and it makes me go all bananas, whenever I am out on shopping and spot a gorgeous piece.  

But it is not everybody`s cup of tea to find a perfect looking bag which is completely worth of the money spent over it. Here is my top secret advice for you, which is completely free of cost and will help you save hell lot of money when you are out there and standing in front of a pseudo leather bag. Follow the tips given below and save a huge portion of your money by spending it over a good quality bag. 

Quality Matters

When you are determined to spend money, make sure that in return you get a quality tote. Buy the excellent quality as you are going to carry this bag to almost everywhere and you definitely will not like to settle anything less than amazing. 

Go Neutral

If you ask me I would always recommend the neutral shades like brown, grey, and beige when you are out there in a store to buy something. Neutrals go with every dress and outfit, which is why it is smart to buy a bag hat will go with your every outfit rather than investing into something that will limit your choices. 

Avoid Large Logos

Like everything, trends come, stay for some time and then go. When you are investing in a handbag avoid too large logo that screams the place of the purchase. Subtlety is always chicer and it will stand the test of time. 

Follow these useful tips when you are thinking about purchasing a new bag. Apart from these three also keep your bag clean and dirt free. Always store them in a dust bag and use them for years. 

You can buy bag with scarf that are more preferred by the fashionable personalities. These bags  adorned your stylish look amazingly.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Make your Home Holi-Ready with Colorful Home Décor

Just as we got over with Valentine`s day, here is another festival knocking at our door. A festival that symbolizes love, togetherness, celebrations, delicious sweets and lot of preparations, comes every March of the year. Holi is a festival of lots of colors and enthusiasm. So why not make your interiors look special this HOLI? From your bedroom to your living room, splash colors in every nook and corner of your home to celebrate this festival. 


Spread joy and happiness in your bedroom by decorating it according to the theme. You can cheer up your interiors by making few additions and assimilating small details that can turn around the whole theme. Upgrade the look of your bed by draping it in the celebratory colors like green, yellow, tangerine, bright blue and sunny yellow bed linens. Add colorful and vibrant pillows and duvets in contrasting shades to produce a striking color combination. 


This is the place which is used often during this festival. When your friends pour lot of colors on you, you may need to take shower at the end of the day. So give your bathroom a makeover by replacing boring towels with the colored ones. 

Living Room

Why not give your living room a bright new makeover while decorating home for the Holi purpose? This room is going to be stormed by lots of people including your relatives, friends and family members. Decorating this room makes sense. So change those white curtains with yellow ones and place elegantly decorated cushion on the couch. You can also try new set of bolster covers to make an interesting statement. This will bring lots of vibrancy and colorfulness to the room. 

If redecorating your home stressing you out, worry not! With Swayam`s ongoing Holi sale, you can shop for your favorite products without even having to step out of the comfort of your bed. With Flat 10% off on the entire range of the products, you can also avail extra 10% off by using the coupon code- HOLI10. Hurry up as all your favorite products are just a click away!