Friday, 15 December 2017

Kids Curtain Creates a Joyful Ambience in the Space

Add a clear and bright appearance to the space with the help of attractive curtains. Choose a special design for your apple of your eyes and make them to feel great. Engage your child in the world of fascinating playful space by bringing adorable kids curtains from online store of swayam. It would surely create a moment for your child. Click a snap of your toddler and make them for their childhood memory. 


Designed in digital prints that definitely bring the sense of happiness and joy in the surroundings. The mix prints are so playful and interesting that you may leave them freely on their own. The eye-catching and charming themes make you sing the lullaby. The splash of color such as red, yellow, pink and so on brings a smile on their face and makes them giggle.

It shows its importance very well in the summer season as it definitely protects them against sunrays and dust mites. You are going to find no raw edges on the drapes as it has been stitched in a so well manner that your little one never gets trapped into it. 

It is made with premium quality fabric as kids have the tendency to smell and bite the things found in their surroundings. Every kid has a habit of licking the hanging clothes which are not safe for them. Therefore, the fabric used in it is made with the premium quality grade. Moreover, they are allergen free and prevent dirt and germs. Shop kids eyelet curtains as it has a premade eyelets made in them which make things a lot easier. You can easily slide the curtains without much effort. Removing the drapes during the maintenance is also a very convenient with the eyelets.

Encourage Child Learning with Elusive Designer Kid Curtains

It’s quite a known phrase that a child mind is like a slate, where whatever learning one like to infuse they learn it quick with their refreshing look to the life and curiosity; the learning in their initial years is elements from our natural surroundings like garden, water bodies, animals, birds, and alphabets that draw their attention.

kids eyelet curtains

All their understanding is in correlation with what happens in their immediate surroundings. So the best way to encourage your child’s enthusiasm is to decorate their room interiors with best of designer kids eyelet curtains from the house of Swayam.

Printed in themes, the cute looking curtains capture the visuals of jungle, marine world, fairy tale world, alphabets, and fruits with their adorable animated patterns and use of attractive colours engage a surprise, lively and joyous look to the face.

The intriguing visuals in animation would be dearly loved by child and engage his sense every time he/she runs glance on them. Their curiosity to question gives new wing to their learning. The stories from fairy tales, poems of animals and bird give a realistic retreat in these artistic drapes.

Well apart from designs, the kids curtain online from Swayam are equally comforting and easy to install. The drapes are stitched in rich fabrics of cotton.

Their natural fibres ensure a soothing texture to soft skin of the kid that makes them feel comfortable while playing with them. So even if the child pulls the CURTAIN during play, they won’t fall down as easy eyelet locks install and fix effectively with the rods.

If the kids mistakenly put their hands in mouth after touching the CURTAIN, don’t feel tensed as the natural dye , colourfast features, and anti-allergenic features ensure their sensitive stomach doesn’t face any health issues.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

How to Give Extraordinary Look to Space with Adoring Diwan Set

Add more perfection to the interior by coordinating the set of diwan which are designed artistically and in a splash of colors. It is going to create a pleasing and wonderful ambience in the living aura. For adding perfection into living space, you may buy diwan bed sheets from online portal of swayam along with the accessories such as bolster covers, cushion covers and floor cushion covers and see the great impact on overall interior.

diwan bed sheets online

Create reach & royal ambience

Merge it flawlessly with your home décor as it has the ability to make your home fabulous and sophisticated with their amazing prints and colors. Bring the rich and royal ambience into your space and be ready for every occasion; give a brand new look to the diwan in an instant. The royal set would definitely expand the level of comfort as well as fill a great positive vibes.

Trendy design & colors

Choose from endless designs and dress up the royal piece of furniture.  The ethnic prints on subtle colors uplift the decoration of the interior. Even the simplest look of diwan speaks on the new modern of artwork after getting dressed- up with the set of décor. It is capable of capturing the mind and soul of the people with their extraordinary look.

Style & comfort

These luxurious set of diwan collaborated with the modern twist and are skin friendly. Find it online from the house of swayam and give your living style a much needed makeover with its magical touch and alluring appearance. Experience something new since your home is going to be beamed with the fresh exciting colorful arena. You may prefer to buy designer cotton diwan sets from the house of swayam as it is made with the premium quality graded fabric. Hence, it traps the heat and lets cool air pass through it in summer simultaneously that makes it a great choice for almost any climate.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Bring Home Comfort & Warmth by Bringing Affordable Quality Duvet

duvet cover online

Variety For Every Choice

Create the ambience of calmness and warmth by owning a duvet. It looks amazing when gets fitted on a bed and gets merged with complete bedding as they are seemed to offer ultimate pleasure. It is available in various sizes such as single, double, king and super king. It can also be used as a blanket too as it warms with its cuddly features. You may buy duvet from online portal of swayam and feel the vibrant atmosphere around you. Experience the soothing effect by adding a unique collection to your décor.

Natural Fabric Protects Your Against Chilly Winds

Experience the allergy free sleeping as it is made up of premium quality fabric that is extremely warm and offers a cozy sleeping experience. It protects against chilly winds. The filling is ceased in 100% cotton with a thread count of double stitched for more durability and also piped for a pretty finish.

Infused with Attributes

It is easy to maintain with the help of cover as it prevents spoiling from spilling stain. Expose to sunshine and air periodically to maintain its fluffiness, soft touch and hygiene also. Through duvet covers, you may give duvet a stylish and elegant look. The incredible function is going to nurture the comfort level and expand the level of relief also. Swayam India is the best online store that provides an extensive range of collection with plentiful choices.

Market is flooded with a lot of varieties of new fabrics which promise for its best qualities to their customers but, the quality of duvet available on the website of swayam is incredible. You may buy duvet cover online from swayam as it offers you the latest innovations in comfort and bedding. This trendy bedding décor brings a sense of happiness at every glance and creates a new place like you never experienced before. It makes you feel like you are relaxing in tranquility.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Know the Tips to Choose Trendy & Easy Handling Shopping Bags

Everyone knows that there is a particular handbag for every situation. No one uses the same handbag that they have to carry around at the party, at shopping, night out with friends and so on. If it is something that you will be using every day, you must definitely think about the durability and not just the style. After all you do not want to replace it after only a month of using it.
Market is flooded with shopping bag they all vary in design, color and size. You will find some are really affordable while others are downright expensive. Even the price point is something to consider before choosing a shopping bags. Well there is something to keep in mind before buying online shopping bags from swayam. First and the foremost thing is that every girl who is searching for perfect shopping bags must remember to ask herself what she will use for it.

Another thing that matters the most is the color of the bag, so it’s best to go with a neutral color that would go well with any outfit that you are wearing. The size must be big enough to carry everything that you need on a daily basis but not too big that you look like you are going on a long trip.

Always consider while choosing the handbag that it has the compartments and small pockets, so you don’t get worried while searching your things. Buy shopping bags online from swayamindia and accommodate all your belongings with ease as it is spacious enough. It is easy to wash as it is machine wash using cold water and mild detergents. Dry in shades and prevent soaking to retain the quality and the attractive appearance for a long time.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Adorn Tables with Designer Table Covers For a Warm Inviting Look

It’s usually the restaurants, cafes, offices and conference areas, study or library section where you see the presence of the round tables. They present a formal look to the space or are used creatively to define space for limited sitting; it is implemented to give a professional and sophisticated appearance to the room.

round dining table covers
Often the linens which cover them are plain and light in color palates. But with Swayam’s round tablecloths, you may not feel disappointed with the alluring designer collection. If your rooms have space to accommodate only a small gathering, then don’t feel low on confidence as the designer printed and vibrant colored  linens would  not only help to replace the drawback of round table shape but also  turn every event a celebration.

The patterns include a combination of ethnic and modern prints. As majority of the linens are floral in design, they would encourage a lively, casual and natural energy to the ambiance. Evergreen in nature, they blend with all the types of theme décor. Vectors and ferns give a vintage vibe to the interiors.

The buti and motifs splurge a royal and mystic touch to the round dining table covers. The exotic shades of bright red, yellow, green and blue foresee an inviting look to the buffet table. 

If you have desire to present a funky verve and elusive look to the table then decorate it with classy and dapper linens. The rhythmic and gentle look of geometric, spirals, animal, florets on black, whites, lotus cream backdrop would rekindle your love for modern interior.

The intense shade of the hemline border would add definition and enhance the beauty of the linens. A standard size ensure a perfect fit, crisp and fine look, round shape leaves enough space for the visitor to move freely  across the room.