Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Uplift The Beauty Of The Décor With Modern Printed Curtains

Curtains always expand the outlook of your window. Its classy print and design bring a fabulous change in your bedroom. These sigma curtains have the charm to redefine your home in a luxury way. You will find a drape with an eyelets which offers a contemporary pencil pleating. You will see a lasting impression whenever you enter into your room.
modern printed curtains

The modern printedcurtains exceptional shades and prints conceal the look of your window from top to bottom. These curtains are not ideal only for the window but also for the door as they impart a grand new look. Each design blended in the curtains offers style and functionality. The lively and sparkling array of colors in printed curtains help users to filter the incoming light from the window and door and will give the shady effect to the bedroom.

It looks crisp and clean as the visual appearance defines its beauty. It is made with premium graded fabric and is easy to maintain as it machine washable and wrinkle resistant which ensure perfect length and dimension after get washed.

The fabulous prints and patterns are intricately designed by skilled artisans. Buy polyester curtains online from swayam as you would get every design on the curtains are crafted intricately which highlight the pattern boldly. The fine stitching shows art in weave which gives a glossy and shiny look. The printed ones affect the both interior and exterior of your bedroom.

These are essential piece of decoration in every home as it enhances the decoration of your interiors and will keep your home protected. It is available in wide range of designs and colors to suit your requirements. It will expand the outlook of your window and door and will showcase your home in a magnificent manner.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Jute Bags Bring a Change in Normal Lifestyle with Its Trendy Design

Jute is seemed as one of the best natural fibers. When it is woven into bags, it holds the numerous advantages. So get ready to know the advantage which you can get from this trendy and stylish jute bags online India from swayam-


1.   Stylish- Creatively designed with eye catchy patterns which reflect incredibly in personality. The color coordination will going to rock with the attire you have dress up with. Unique patchwork with a splash of color will make you a show stopper in the crowd.

2.   Environment friendly- It will not pollute the environment like plastic and some of the fabrics do.  It will keep the planet clean and save the environment from turning into a dumping ground. So you may prefer to choose these natural & stylish carry items to save the environment.

3.   Comfort-Do not stresses your hand even when you are carrying heavy items. The broad straps on the upper part of the bag will transmit the weight equally. Hand and the shoulder will not come under any kind of stress. So carry an endless no. of products as it is spacious enough to carry all your belongings with ease. It is soft to touch and have a smooth texture.

4.   In all season- This bags will not get wet as it is laminated with a water proof coating to prevent the belongings and ensure the longer durability of the product. So to keep your belongings safe and secure buy jute bags online India from swayam and make your shopping convenient.
These bags are made with the premium quality jute. These are woven with high threads count to ensure high strength. The functional look will give you many options to carry whether you carry in the palm of your hand or strap it in your shoulder. Available in different designs to suit your desire, you walk down the street with these beautiful jute bags.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Bring Home Cushion Covers & Create Colorful Ambience

If you are willing to enrich the overall look of living space, then give a try with different shades of cushion covers. It will give perfection to both kinds of sofas whether it is antique or modern .You can choose any color like bright, soft, vibrant and lively. Here is the list you can choose from-

Beige- It would create calm and relaxing ambience in living space as it is a rich Indian traditional color. Buy cushion covers online India from Swayam and create a pleasant ambience in living space.

Indigo- It would infuse soothing vibes in bedroom. This color would bring cool and calm sensation around your surroundings. Indigo is the color which maintains its own character in its all tones.

Green- It would totally surround your space with nature as green color is nature’s color. You will find a kind of freshness which would bring soothing feel to heal you and your tired body after hectic working schedule. The soft and lively shades have a charm to sooth your eyes.

Yellow- The color of happiness always brings a new hope. It offers a sense of relief and boosts up your energy level. These shades indicate the symbol of welcome.

Coordinate it with designer sofa covers which are going to add an incredible essence in your living space. The overall beauty of the covers will give your family and friends a treat of peace. All the shades of colors which have been discussed above are filled on the fabric of cotton which will give a clean and crisp look. Create an interesting and lively ambience in your living space by filling a flaunting impression in your living space. Avail cushion covers online from swayam as it is perfected with amazing texture quality obtained from premium grade of cotton.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Cushion Covers Transform the View of the Space

Know 5 reasons how to decorate cushions in the space-

Throw contrasting cushions on your sofas- never try to throw matching covers on your sofas. If your covers match with the sofas it may give an ugly look. Contrasting ones give you an excellent opportunity to add colors and texture to your living space. So always try to add those ones which contrast well with the colors of the sofas. Buy cushion covers online India from which would be effective as adding a new piece of artwork to your entire space.
cotton cushion covers

Deciding no. of cushions on the couch - try to arrange 6 cushions on your sofas. Arranging really make a difference when it comes to the arrangements of them. Before you purchase this covering beauty, make sure about the size of the couch.

Choosing the shape and size of the cushions- add some depth to selection while choosing the cushions.  Arrange each in different shapes and direction so that it leaves a great appearance. Try to mix these covers with bolsters covers so that it gives a great impression. 

How to arrange both of these together- you may maximize the effect of your coach by adorning cushions on it.  Coordinate all the cushions well so that it doesn’t mess up with each other and leave the individual impact. 

Fabrics- go for a fabric which has longer durability and gives the same glace after the year of use. So go for the fabric like the premium grade of cotton. Therefore always opt for cotton cushion covers which you will get at the website of

So apart from enhancing the beauty, they give comfort to ensure a soft texture that soothes your tired nerves when you rest on them.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Create a Beautiful Space by Bringing Modern Bedding Sets

Style your home with the best caramel collection bed sheets which you can simply blend with pillow covers and bed runner for making it more presentable. It would spice up the spirit of the living arena. Trendy colors and design like floral, patterned look, polka dots and so on will give a fusion appearance.


Modern bedding sets are not for some occasion or for the festival as you can use them on a daily basis and make your day more inviting and fresh. Each prints and patterns have been weaved by experienced artisans, which would offer a fine touch. The coordination between the colors and design will surely give a touch of modernity. 

The collection from swayam promises to comfort you as it is made with implementing the highest quality standards. Whether you go with a bold pattern or with a soft pattern, the entire catalogue is powered by graded cotton fabric to ensure a soft and smooth texture. It is skin-friendly and allergen-free. The products are available in a standard size which is definitely going to fit into your customized furniture. Hence if you have planned to experiment with a new collection of home décor then you can choose this unique collection. 

Create an intimate space by draping this exciting range of caramel collection. The crisp look will give a splendid appearance. If you really want to take the look of your living space to the next level of the interior then try to mix up with your home décor and create a contrasting theme. 

Cotton bed sheet set will be the best option for you as it is colorfast in nature and can endure a rough machine wash without any risk of damage to texture or prints. You will not face any trouble while washing these bed sheets.